Simon Liu Inc.

How to assemble Mechanical Stretcher

1) Clear a flat surface. Lay out all the components and learn the parts.

2) Insert expansion bolts to crossbars and screw the drawing bolts half way in to the expansion bolts.

3) Insert the guiding pins and intersect the bottom crossbar to the top crossbar.

4) Repeat the same steps to the stretcher bars. Install expansion bolts and drawing bolts and insert guiding pins to one end of the stretcher bars.

5) Insert stretcher bar to the crossbar. Do not close the joints as they have to be closed simultaneously. Rotate and repeat the step.

6) Once all the pieces are in place, you can close the joints by tapping simultaneously with a rubber mallet.

7) Insert locking sleeves to the drawing bolts. The drawing bolts have to be in the upright position for the locking sleeves to fit in.

8) lastly, secure each joint by tighting the expansion bolt with a metal rod. Secure the overlap joint by inserting screws to the top crossbar.

8) In an event of canvas loosening and keying is necessary, wood shims are highly recommended for keying. Afer the proper tension is achieved, place wood shims between the hardware and guiding pins to hold the tension, then tighten the hardware to stabilize the joint. However, we do not recommend keyout more than 1/8".